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Acra Seiki 110/130 Travelling Column

Acra Seiki 110/130 Travelling Column

Acra Seiki CNC Horizontal Borers are manufactured in Taiwan to exacting standards, utilizing components

from world renowned manufacturers in German and Japan.

The Acra Seiki is a traveling column, T shaped design developed to enhance rigidity and provide overall machining accuracy.

X & Y slide ways are of a heavy duty box construction which is heat treated and precision ground.

The Z axis utilizes heavy duty rolling linear guides in 3 ways with a total of 12 guide blocks. This design ensures fast,

smooth and accurate Z axis movement whilst maintaining a high level of rigidity.

Available with either Fanuc or Heidenhain controls with linear scale feed back to X, Y & Z as standard

providing an optimal level of accuracy.

A wide range of options are offered to enhance productivity such as Automatic Tool Change systems

capable of holding up to 120 Tools, various table size options, angle plates and blocks, boring and facing heads,

angle milling heads, universal milling heads and more.

Acra Seiki CNC Horizontal Borers are available with 110mm or 130mm spindles and travels up to 4200mm in X,

3000mm in Y, 2000mm in Z and 900mm in W the Acra Seiki range of CNC Horizontal Borers offer useable capacity

for many applications in general or heavy engineering and mining support.


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