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TOP 200

TOP 200

TOP 200 Full CNC Portable Orbital Lathe

For “on-site” turning with extreme precision (completely run by a CNC control panel), on faces and internal and/or external extremities of cylindrical surfaces, of fixed tubular bodies which are immovable or impossible to rotate.

  • Straight line and/or curved - internal and/or external interpolations.
  • Standard and/or tapered threading.
  • Simple and/or profile facing.
  • Multilevel cylindrical grooves.
Radial Stroke (X) mm 50
Axial Stroke (Z) mm 100
Machining Diameter mm 200
Maximum Rotation Speed (s) Rpm 210
Step By Step Motor Axial Movement System
(0.0018°/Step) Rolled Screws Resolution: 16000 Step/mm
Step By Step Motor Radial Movement System
(0.0018°/Step) Rolled Screws Resolution: 333 Step/mm
Max Torque Peak Rotation Spindle Nm 300 - Nominal 65

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