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Sigma Compact Series

Sigma Compact Series

Speed, versatility, accuracy in only one solution from Sigma Italy.

Feed rate 40m/min Acceleration 3.5 m/s2

Spindle speeds 10,000 ~ 18,000rpm 

Monolithic cast iron casting: bed, column, headstock.

Rotary table (C-axis), torque motor, integrated in the movable worktable.

Tilting milling head (B-axis ± 110°) driven by torque motor

40 tool magazine.

SK40, HSK-A-63, BT40 tool holder tapers.

SIGMA Tool Check for tool management and recall operations, and for the

instruction operations of the tool magazine.

Full standard equipment and wide range of options.

Possible integration into a FlexoCell product.

Compact Series Brochure
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