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EEPM Magnetic Chucks

EEPM Magnetic Chucks

EEPM Series Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chucks allow unobstructed 5 sided machining.


Super power magnetic force of 1000kgf/sq metre. (4 poles)

3~10 seconds control for power on and off. No electric power supply is required to keep the magnetic chuck on,

providing safety in the event of a power failure.

It is possible to machine 5 sides of a workpiece, with unobstructed movement of the cutter during machining.

Only one cycle is required to finish a workpiece helping to achieve the best machining accuracy and increasing efficiency.

An easy and conveinent method of clamping a workpiece, reducing normal clamping time.


Most suitable for medium and small or even rough workpieces.

Suitable for drilling and finishing machining on small workpieces.

Minimum size of workpiece required as 4 alternate magnetic square poles and above contacts are necessary

for optimum clamping.

Minimum thickness of workpiece required is 10mm.

A broader range of functions are available with the addition of Induction Blocks and Spring Blocks (see Optional Accessories).

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SL & TA for Larger Workpieces
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