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610mm AJAX

610mm AJAX

Ajax FEL2400 Series 610mm swing CNC lathes are available from 1100mm up to 5600mm between centres.

They are versitile, productive and economical workhorses designed for jobbing work or short production runs.

Fitted with a powerful and user friendly control system by Fagor, Fanuc and others, these high quality Taiwanese lathes

have proven popular with general engineers, toolrooms and government departments around Australia.

V8 Tool Turret:
The AJAX machine has a 8 station disk type turret rear mounted, to allow easy loading and unloading of material

Programmable 3 Range Speed Change:
The Headstock utilizes a programmable three range gearbox ensuring that maximum torque is available at all times.

Spindle Bores:
Available with 83mm, 105mm, 130mm and 160mm spindle bores.

Fagor X&Z electronic hand wheels, Live tooling with C axis, hydraulic chucks, double chucks, chip conveyors,

hydraulic tailstock, various bore sizes, motor sizes, additional steadies, U drill attachments, thread repair cycles etc.

(Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice)

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