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Magnetic Indexing Tables

Magnetic Indexing Tables

EEPM-IT Electro-Permanent Magnetic Indexing Tables.

Available sizes: 300mm, 470mm, 600mm and 800mm square


Super power magnetic force of 1000kgf/sq metre. (4 poles)

3~10 seconds control for power on and off. No electric power supply is required to keep the magnetic chuck on, providing safety in the event of a power failure.

It is possible to machine 5 sides of a workpiece, with unobstructed movement of the cutter during machining.

An easy and conveinent method of clamping a workpiece, reducing normal clamping time.

Magnetic power is adjustable.

Pneumatic system (floating) enabling easy rotation and fixing of the table.

Heavy duty construction, built from FC35 cast iron and suitable for heavy duty machiining.


Suitable for horizontal milling or boring machine. Provided with precision 5 degree or 1 degree divisions.

Minimum thickness of workpiece required is 10mm.

A broader range of functions are available with the addition of Induction Blocks and Spring Blocks (see Optional Accessories).

EEPM-IT Specification
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EEPM-IT Operation
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