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EDM Electronic Discharge Machine

EDM Electronic Discharge Machine

The range of Ajax Taiwanese numerically controlled Electronic Discharge Machines "EDM"

offer a wide range of capacities and user friendly features at a very competitive price.

Large CRT display presents all relevant machine status, parameters, and positioning in a clear

and easy to understand manner. Maximum 500 programmable steps offer precise and customisable

machining parameters from start to finish for even the most complex jobs.

Convenient auto-depth and auto-detract features allow quick and easy set up for multi-part batch runs.

Superior intelligent PC controller provides greater system efficiency with lower electrode wear and better part finishes.

Concurrent processing allows machining parameters to be changed while the machine is running the part program.

A high sensitivity servo system is utilized as in the CNC models.

2 selections of flushing time for different size workpieces.

Powered ram offers convenient rapid headstock up/down for quick set up.

The co-ordinate, machining condition and machining time will be indicated clearly in the monitor.

Automatic depth positioning and automatic retract to zero device for time saving.

In processing, the machining condition setting is changeable and pre-setting next machining condition is available.

Sensitivity PWM servo system, same as assembled in CNC.

The system is controlled by a CPU with automatic calculation, adjustment and modification.

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