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Oil Mist Filters

Oil Mist Filters

Remove harmful oil mist, and clear the air
Clears air of chemical material and tiny particles (0.3um) form during high speed cutting processes, cooling & lubrication.

Disaster prevention
High temperature oil mist is a fire hazard. Reducing the existence of oil mist, reduces the risk of accidental fires.

High efficiency air cleaning
Special temperature durable filter material reduces possibility of fire.
Rear fan provides plenty of air pressure.
High speed rotation, high efficiency, durable.
Multi-layer processing against oil mist, which extends the life of the filter material.

Power: A4 220/380V, 3 phase, 60Hz
Motor: 0.75kw x 2P
Processing Capacity: 11 m3/min
Rate of Removal: 99.97% (above 0.3um)
Static Pressure: 120 mm A9
Inlet Diameter: O125/5"
Noise: 62 dBA  

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