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CNC Profile Pipe Cutter

CNC Profile Pipe Cutter

FabMaster CNC pipe profile cutting machines, available with 2-5 axis control,

Pipe diameter from 40mm to 2000mm, pipe lengths up to 12,000mm

Standard or High Definition Plasma or Oxy cutting

Optional chuck vertical repositioning automatically controlled by the system.

Axes control: Rotate the work piece (X)

Cutting torch move along with Pipe Axis (Y)

Cutting torch swing in Pipe axis direction (Z)

Cutting torch move up and down in vertical direction (U)

Cutting torch swing in radial direction of pipe axis (W)

Models: CNC II 2 Axis (X,Y)

CNC III, 3 Axis (X,Y,Z)

CNC IV, 4 Axis (X,Y,Z,U)

CNC V, 5 Axis (X,Y,Z,U,W)

Programming & Shapes
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FabMaster Plasma Catalogue
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