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Self-propelled chamfering machine

Self-propelled chamfering machine

FabMaster self-propelled chamfering machine. Bevel angle 15 to 50 degree, thickness 4 to 50mm.

Model FM-10W plate thickness 4~12mm / 30/35/45 degree

Model FM-12W height of angle (Carbon Steel) 13mm/45 degree (Stainless Steel) 8mm/45 degree.

Model FM-20W height of angle (Carbon or Stainless Steel) 20mm/45 degree, bevel angle 15~50 degree.

Easy operation, adjust each function with only one fixed wrench

Italian motors and speed reducers

Available for different size of panels. The large size Chamfers is self propelled and the small size fixed.

No need for coolant oil or cutting oil while chamfering.

Quick chamfering speed, 2500~3000mm per minute.

Available for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, plastic and others materials.

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