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Accurl Swing Beam Shears

Accurl Swing Beam Shears

ACCURL MS7 Series shears are designed for super cutting of sheets 6-20mm with high quality material and

workmanship and produced to be used for many years in heavy duty conditions without problems.

  • Provides a combination of performance, cost effectiveness and easy to use features
  • Tough construction with the same solid framework we use for all of Accurl Shears
  • User friendly ESTUN E21s NC control unit
  • Fast and quality cutting
  • Robust body structure
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Ball screw back gauge 600 mm
  • Efficient, low noise and accurate hydraulic system BOSCH REXROTH.
  • Silent and reliable internal gear pump from USA
  • Frequency inverter for back gauge motor control
  • Square support arm with 1000mm scale and flip
  • Protection covers (side and rear safety doors)

In-built safety systems (light guards & Laser beam safety photocells as standard, CE certified).

Accurl General Catalogue
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