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MG (Italy) Plate Rolls

MG (Italy) Plate Rolls

Hydraulic plate rolling machines from MG of Italy offer superior levels of technology and performance

and so provide fabricators with an accurate, efficient and reliable machine.
Being an all-welded steel frame, the body of the machine is extremely sturdy which enables the rolls to accommodate bending forces safely.

This also eliminates the need for special foundation requirements for most installations.

The forged steel rolls are of the highest quality, further more the rolls are heated and quenched to provide surface hardness of 55 to 60 HRC

and then they are polished, thus extending the life of the rolls and improving the finish quality of the work piece.

The taper or barrel profile of the rolls can be customized to suit specific applications.

Maximum torque is made available to the rolls via direct coupling to the hydraulic motor and planetary gearbox.

With no secondary transmission efficiencies are improved and maintenance eliminated. The rolls are mounted on quality massive double crowned

floating barrel bearings, these bearings are pre-greased and sealed and so require no service.

The exclusive planetary swing guide of the lateral rolls allows approximately 50 % more area of the plate to be under bend pressure during rolling.

This means the MG machines can roll plate to within 1.1 x the top roll diameter, a 30 % advantage over our competitor’s machines.

The components within the hydraulic and electrical system are of internationally recognized manufacture to ensure reliability

and supply of parts for service through out the machines working life.

MG was established in 1959 in Fossano Italy with a major focus on industrial automation leading to the development of Plate Rolls in 1981.

MG now stands as one of the Europe’s largest manufacturer of Plate Rolls and their continual development program ensures that customers

who choose MG machines have the latest technology and best possible quality. The machine’s high-build quality, level of specification and

competitive price ensure that the MG Plate Roll Machines are suitable for all sectors of the sheetmetal and fabrication industry.

Four roll, double initial pinch design
Robust all steel construction
Pinching rolls driven via hydraulic motors and gear-box with direct coupling
All rolls mounted on double crowned floating sealed barrel bearings
Hardened rolls to 50 to 55 HRC with polished finish
Roll balance and parallelism via massive torsion bars
Operations via lever distributors on a swinging control panel
Infinite speed control over all movements
Lateral roll movements via planetary guides
Lateral roll position given by two electronic digital read outs
Hydraulic drop end (low profile)
Lateral rolls with indicator line for plate alignment
Cone rolling device
Safety wire around machine base with trip switch
Safety valves for lateral roll release
Hydraulic oil
Instruction manual

Sectional steel rolling device
Additional digital read outs for roll positioning
Central vertical plate support with hydraulic drive
Single lateral plate support with hydraulic drive
Radius measuring device
Graphical CNC control of all axes